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House Remodel


House Remodel

We Create Spaces for Living

Whether it’s a comfortable and relaxed gathering spot for your family, a playful recreation room for your children and their friends, or a light and airy private sanctuary that doubles as a home office – we create living spaces that complement your lifestyle.

We collaborate with you, we listen, advise and adjust to your needs as they evolve each step of the way. We understands that remodeling can be challenging at times, and we are experts at managing the process so that your experience is positive and the final outcome is exactly what you want.


We realize the kitchen is much more than a place to prepare food. We design kitchens that fit your needs and desires whether they are traditional or contemporary, rustic or elegant, or practical and casual. Imagine your family and guests gathering while you put your culinary skills to work in a kitchen that is tailored to your every need, with custom features that enhance the way you live (and cook!).


Everyone appreciates practicality in the smallest of rooms. We are experienced in turning challenging, tight spaces into warm, welcoming powder rooms or creating relaxing, spa-inspired master bath suites.


If you’re looking to increase your living space, why not add on a sunroom, a deck, a swimming pool, or a mudroom? We can also help you turn unused basement or garage areas into much needed storage space, or fully equipped living quarters for extended family, or simply extra room for your way of life.

 Do you want to Remodel your existing house? The Croquis House Plans have the followings Services to House Remodels:


House Facade Design




Kitchen Design




Bathroom Design




Terrace and Swimming Pool Design





As-Built Drawings

An accurate floor plan is the first step toward providing a safe work environment and realizing a building's true value. In an emergency situation, having a good plan in place can save lives -- and your business.

In construction, an “As-Built” electronic floor plan drawing shows the true and accurate floor plans as they actually are, not as the original architectural plans were drawn. This is important because many changes get made during the construction phase and in renovations and remodels through the years.
An As-Built electronic floor plan drawing are created using measurements taken on-site. Existing blueprints, CAD drawings or plans are not needed. Data collectors take digital photos and gather detailed information regarding the physical building including walls, doors, windows, stairwells, elevators, plumbing fixtures and ceiling heights.

Accurate As-Built drawings:
Provide precise square footage so you are assured you are not paying too much in rental or purchase price.
Provide accurate information to rescue workers (police and fire) in the case of an emergency.
Identifies compliance with local building and safety codes.
Allow you to create an emergency plan outlining protocol and evacuation procedures.
Can be used by sales departments, marketing, leasing, space planning and facility management.
Signifies your proactive stance to keep personnel safe in the eyes of the legal system.
An As-Built drawing of your workplace is the first step you can take to make your working environment safer for your employees and more protected in the long term. It also ensures that you are leasing, buying or selling property based on an accurate square footage, not some figure that was estimated or taken from outdated plans.




 if you need ASBUILTS Plans of your House or property


Modify any of our existing House Plans




if you want to modify any of our existing House Plans models to fit you needs




Create your own House Plans




 if you have you own ideas of your House Plan and want us to help you achieve your goals




Construction Permits and Construction Services for your House Plans

Puerto Rico Residents can CONTACT US for a Quote for Construction Permits and any other Construction Service you may need


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